On Being Chased by a Child: Part Two

I previously wrote a post about how I was chased around my apartment complex by a terrifying 9 (ish) year old on a pink bike….  well tonight we met again.

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On Quotable Quotes: Stuff T Says.

So my bf “T” is quite quotable, to say the very least.  He has openly admitted that a majority if his time and effort is spent trying to see how many different shocked or indignant faces he can get out of me.   One of these days my face is going to stick that way because I’m constantly on my toes.  Here is a brief sampling of my life shenanigans as of late:

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On Being Chased by a Child.

So today I am walking the dog, and let me start by saying he is not exactly that into young children who are loud and come at him pretty quickly.   As Rehn is doing his business (or rather trying to find a place to do his business), all hell broke loose.

There is a young girl on a bike.  A blur of pink (pink bike, pink tutu, pink shirt , pink helmet …. White gloves) riding by yelling “hola amigos!!!!”  Rehn is freaking out because she’s almost run him over and myself – two or three times.  This despite the fact that I even moved onto the rocks near the sidewalk so she could ride her bike past because she clearly was not going to move to the side.   Continue reading “On Being Chased by a Child.”

On why I am too shallow to have my body frozen.

Today in my class we are discussing cryogenic freezing.  Apparently there is a company in the valley that will freeze either your head or your entire body.  This is expensive, although cheaper than I anticipated considering they are holding your half dead body for the undeterminable future.   (you can even put into your contract with them that if they have not found technology to reanimate you after X years then scrap the entire project and get rid of your head/body. But at that point if you’ve been frozen 150 years, what’s another 50 years right?)  Continue reading “On why I am too shallow to have my body frozen.”

On 1Ls and my lack of coordination.

Today I embarrassed myself.  And I 100% blame the baby law students for it.

My early morning class gets out at 10 am.   The next class in that room starts at 10:30.  My professor is very good about letting us out on time.

EVERY day, without fail, a gaggle on eager, bright eyed, overly caffeinated 1Ls are lined up like kids buying concert tickets.  They are practically camped out with sleeping bags waiting for the classroom to open.   At about 9:50 they start to congregate at the windows, making me feel like we are fish in a bowl.   the MINUTE my professor lets us out, they RUSH the doors, like those people who get onto the elevator before anyone has gotten off yet.   They stand right over you while you pack up your stuff, waiting eagerly for their seats, as if they own the classroom.

Today I was chatting with my group and the Mayor, who happens to be my professor, when BAM!  suddenly I am falling down and being caught by some dude.   Know why I fell down?  Because one of these OVERLY eager 1Ls could NOT wait to let my class get out of the classroom before they crowded the door and RUSHED in.  And this overly eager 1L had one of those God awful ROLLING backpacks suitcases!

I know these kids have learned about negligence!   Maybe they should apply it to their own lives!

Rant over.



On obligatory end of the year reflections

It’s that time of year again: obligatory end of the year reflections.

2015, where do I start…

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On Divorce and my Advanced Writing Requirements

As I sit writing my AWR for class I found nice little Gem from HuffintgonPost.  I’ve discovered some hidden morals in these stories that we really should be teaching any law student (or the entire world as my family law professor would say).  Clearly finals are taking a toll on my braid, so enjoy these gems.  Continue reading “On Divorce and my Advanced Writing Requirements”

On Loogie Landing: The saga of the sidewalk spitter

So maybe I’m crazy.   Or just a germaphobe.  Either way, there is a man that lives in my apartment complex, on the ground level, with his OWN patio, who insists on spitting on the public sidewalk where I walk to dog.

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On Children’s Cartoons: I am so confused.

There is no place like home.  Especially for the holidays.   I am presently sitting my the living room at my Tata’s house watching cartoons with my not so baby cousin A while texting D about how weird cartoons have become.   Continue reading “On Children’s Cartoons: I am so confused.”

On Strength and Perseverance: My Mama is an Inspiration

Many people might not know the type of home I grew up in.  I grew up in a home were I witnessed abuse, both physical and emotional.  I was the victim of verbal and emotional abuse at the hands of my step father. But my mother, she was the one that put up with the most.   My step father, who we call Lloyd, would not only hit my mother, but he also tore her down, he told her he was nothing, that she would never amount to anything.   He told her she had no skills, that if she ever left, he would take my sisters and she would never see them again.  He told her she was nothing more than a useless woman and was worthless.    Essentially and in the simplest terms, he left her feeling helpless and hopeless.   More than that, when he was doing this to myself or my sisters or my brother, she would put herself in harms way to protect us.  To shield us from as much of the verbal thrashing as she could, essentially taking more for herself to save us.   Continue reading “On Strength and Perseverance: My Mama is an Inspiration”